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Martin Lindeskog

Episode 69 with guest, Anders Ingemarson.

Interview with Author Anders Ingemarson

Today we discuss Anders' political philosophy book, 'Think Right or Wrong, Not Left or Right.' Covering subjects like inflation, immigration, and the imm…


Martin Lindeskog

Episode 66 with returning guest, Robert Tracinski. Listen and find out "Why the Robots Won’t Eat Us"...

Robert Tracinski on Causation, Robots, and AI

Rob Tracinski joins us for a fun discussion on current topics of interest, Including his upcoming course. Martin is giving a shout-out to supporters of t…


Martin Lindeskog

I want to post a quick holiday note, before I publish episode 63 of The Secular Foxhole and episode 5 of Tea 🫖 Party 🎉 Media 🎧⚡️🎙📻📺🎥💻📲 podcast. Do you like my old school Burberry tie with men in trench coats 🧥 and hunting gear? 😎Could you guess what is...Show more


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Martin Lindeskog

How did You celebrate 🎉 International Podcast Day on September 30? I listened, streamed Satoshis, and sent Boostagrams to fellow podcasters. A week later, it was time to record episode 58.


Martin Lindeskog

Fascinating conversation with author Warren Fahy.

Interview with Warren Fahy - The Secular Foxhole

Our guest today is Warren Fahy, who is here to discuss his latest novel, Magenta. Magenta is about a color-coded social credit system that has crushed t...


Martin Lindeskog

I plan to finish this book 📕 during the month of June, and publish an episode with the author ✍🏻 on Independence Day, July 4th. Thanks 🙏🏻 to my co-host, Blair, for reaching out to Brian Simpson and the book publisher!

What are your thoughts about a sound foundation for a free society? Please feel free to send your questions for our upcoming guest!


Martin Lindeskog
What do you think about our Call to Actions in the show notes text?


Martin Lindeskog

Martin Lindeskog

@Niklas Lohmann I see that you are already away at 6:30 AM CET, so I ping you! ;)
Niklas Lohmann

Niklas Lohmann

@Martin Lindeskog I like them 👍 Do you have a link? Then I can browse more. This points to the need for me as your pod audience to get to the content fast.

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